Running for a good cause

26 09 2007

It’s fair to say that David Buwalda’s race at the Toronto Marathon will be a little less exotic than his last marathon.

I mean, there probably won’t be any marshals on the course making sure a stray elephant doesn’t trample the runners, like at the Safaricom Marathon on Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

But it will be special nonetheless. He’s doing it, in large part, for a cause.

David will be running in support of ICA Canada‘s “Listen to the Drumming” campaign when he runs the half-marathon on Oct. 14.

The money he raises will help to fund projects to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa — in a sustainable way that brings out the best in communities.

Combining running — he’s been at it, on and off for about 12 years — and his personal passion for ICA Canada (where he has a position as a liasion with African projects) is a natural fit.

“You get so much from the other people running,” David tells me. “Everyone’s really friendly and you can have a chat.”

David says 250 people have expressed interest, but the “Listen to the Drumming” gang is looking for other runners to join the team.

You can still pitch in — just sign up for the race through the ICA Canada website. Bonus: You’ll get a small discount: $69 (full) and $59 (half) as opposed to $95 and $80 if you go through the race.

You get group support – and ICA Canada’s drum teams will give you an extra cheer along the route.

David says the group is hoping you’ll raise $100 if you join the team. There’s a BIG reward for raising $1,000: You’ll be entered in a draw for a trip to Africa.

And you’ll be doing something good for others while you’re doing something great for yourself.




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