Expo Waterfront and centre

29 09 2007

scotia expo

Don’t want to blow too much sunshine in the general direction of the Waterfront Marathon, but they very much do know how to put on a successful race expo.

Aside: Yes, I’m biased because a) I always manage to get to this one on Friday afternoon (when it’s quiet) and b) it’s usually the first race, and hence the first race expo of the fall.

It has:

* Consistently good speakers on stage (Bingham, Stanton, etc.)
* A wide open space at the convention centre
* Unfailingly friendly volunteers — and I mean *really* friendly and helpful
* Nifty little extras, like this year’s “picture with the race trophy” freebie.

If only they had a sampler tap of beer like at the Marine Corps in Washington. But I digress.

Another source of happiness: I love this little quirk with the race bib…

race bib

“Sub-elite”? That’s what you’re called if you’re running a 1:35 or less. Sure, it’s a wee bit of easy flattery. But I don’t care if it’s preceded by “sub” or “quasi” or “not really an” — seeing the word elite next to that race number is a damn fine feeling indeed. Watch out Kenyans, I just might catch ya. Or not.

Speaking of, probably turn in for the night. Can’t believe we need to be down there for 6:30ish. What will the Nuit Blanche stragglers think of the early morning masses? Or are we just another art installation?

Oh yeah: CBCSports.ca has full coverage.




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