Waterfront — Good times all around

30 09 2007


Great day along the lakeshore today.

Ideal weather conditions. Believe it was about 61 F/16 C at race time. Very little wind, a striking contrast to last year’s gale-force treats.

The race has grown a lot in recent years, and has grown up nicely as well — unlike other local marathons that have creaked under the strain of bigger fields.

The organization was uniformly strong, from the system of ‘seeding’ faster runners at the front to the barriers that kept the runners, literally, on course. Sorry it made it a bit harder for spectators and residents to get around, but the end result was a smooth, easy-to-follow course for the participants.

more crowd

Kudos to the organizers for bringing the 5k into the mix as well by having the finishers come alongside the half-marathoners. Was good to see that race get a little time in the spotlight.

There were a number of small touches, too, from the free “Canada” wristbands to the spirited bands and cheering stations along the course.

As for the times, we have a 2:09:30 by come-from-behind winner John Kelai, the fastest marathon ever on Canadian soil. What a finish watching Daniel Rono chase him to the finish, just six seconds behind.

Congrats to Kenny, as well, for a sizzling 1:31:33. Good luck at the MCM. And my sister, Erin, beat her goal time by four minutes and didn’t even yell at her brother for almost making her late by being too flipping casual about getting to the start line on time.


My sister, Erin, right, and wife, Julie, in the cool-down area.

As for me — that was perhaps the most enjoyable race of my life. Not a PR, but close, but that didn’t really matter much. It’s the first time I’ve been out in a loooong time without the pressure of needing or wanting a specific time.

I had an absolute blast from start (getting to the corral at 6:59:55) to the high-fiving, fist-pumping antics along the last 200 metres. I’m cringing at the thought of the race photos.

Not bad considering the three glasses of wine last night, and the five hours of sleep. Damn, 5:15 a.m. comes around early.

Cheers to my mom and dad for making the drive up to see it happen, and to Julie, always my bedrock. (You have to say that about the person who brings your dry clothes to the finish line.)


Big screen near finish = fun

roy thomson

Sports drinks and sunshine near Roy Thomson after it’s all said and done.




3 responses

30 09 2007

Hey, welcome to the personal blogosphere (as opposed to work sanctioned!). Was great to see you and I was behind you when you got to the crowd worked up in the final 200 metres. I think you lost a few seconds there! Look forward to keeping up with your Boston-bound exploits here. Kenny

2 10 2007
The Joggler

Hey Lee,
Congrats on a good run. Could you drop me a line when you get a chance?

24 08 2011

Fantastic run. Great post thank you for publishing it. Love your site

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