The Joggler sets a world record!

2 10 2007

In my haste and sleep-deprived confusion after the Scotia Waterfront Marathon, I neglected to mention one of the biggest stories of the day.

T.O. runner — and all-around great guy — Michal Kapral set the world joggling record with a lights-out 2:50:06. From his blog, I see he even chewed a little gum throughout his history-making run.

(For the record, this author couldn’t run 42k and chew gum, let alone keep three beanbags in the air. Kudos to Michal.)

For a little background on the Joggler, check out this slideshow from the good folks at

Check Kenny’s site for a pic of the Joggler in action. Thanks!

Update: I’ve been up to a few other things over the last few days, so I was saddened to learn today about the fatality at the end of the Scotia race. As the Toronto Star reported:

Running was David Youkhana’s passion.

The 65-year-old Toronto man always took good care of himself and liked to volunteer, but three years ago he started to do them together.

He began running for a cause.

“He loved to do charity events, he loved to run for a cause,” his daughter Nahrain Sciulli said yesterday.

Youkhana collapsed at the start of Sunday’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and died at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Youkhana’s elder daughter said he began running marathons a few years ago even though he’d had a mild heart attack 11 years ago. He was careful about his health and made a point of meeting with his doctor before a race to get the green light, she said.

And he was proud when he achieved his running dreams.

My thoughts go out to his family.




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2 10 2007

I saw him twice. Once near the beginning and also in the last 500 metres. Wow he’s fast. Snapped a pic.

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