The question mark of death, or why I love to hate my MacBook

3 10 2007

It’s not looking good for the family laptop.

When I went to start it up tonight, fresh with ideas of posting about a recent hike in New York’s Letchworth State Park and other small stories, I got an error called the “question mark of death”.

Basically, the MacBook won’t recognize that the hard drive is there. And that, for those of you playing along at home, is a bad, bad thing. 

<string of expletives>

</string of expletives>

What this means to you, my blogging friends, is that the posts are going to be a bit intermittent for the next fews days while I humble myself at the feet of the Apple gods and try to get the @#$!@# thing fixed. Thank goodness we have (most) of our stuff backed up. If you don’t have your files backed up and have been meaning to get around to it … my advice is to do it, like, NOW.

I really wanted to show some pics from our hike, but they might have to wait.

Until then, I seethe and post what I can, when I can.




3 responses

4 10 2007
Greg Winson

Ditch the Mac and buy a real (PC) computer!

Go Bears!

12 10 2007


I am curious as to the result of the bullish. I seem to be having the same problems. Apple won’t fix my computer until I return the HDD I ask them for to do data retrieval. Please post updates when you get them.

13 10 2007

Josh – the good news is that today i updated with a new seagate HD and we’re back up and (so far) running. just bought a $90 hd from a place on college st. in toronto.

most of our data was backed up — but we’re working on some strategies to get back the rest.

thanks a lot for your comment .

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