Taper talk

24 10 2007

No matter how long you run, I suspect there’s always something new to learn, some new technique to try.

I was leafing through the latest Runner’s World on the subway tonight and I stumbled across this interesting article on tapering.

Basically, it suggests that the tapers in most marathon and half-marathon programs might be too long and too steep. The writer talks to some elites who’ve had success by keeping up the mileage, particularly quality mileage, closer to race day.

Don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve never felt comfortable with the traditional 3-week taper. The first week is great and usually pretty restful. But by the end of week 2, I start to feel slugg-o.

What’s that they say about an object at rest wanting to stay at rest?

I’m willing to try the short and sweet route next time around.

Any thoughts, anybody? 




3 responses

24 10 2007

Yeah, I wonder about that too. My program this year (Pftizinger) goes 43 miles, 32, 22 (6 days before marathon). And as i’m four days from the marathon, I’m feeling quite well rested.. not too rusty — yet, that is.

27 10 2007

Hi Lee! I think it depends on how much you thrashed yourself in training. For me its been a perfect time to overcome injury, or at least heal enough to race. Also, for my first marathon I had never put on that many miles before so I was really happy for the break. But if you’re used to training at that level, I don’t see why a shorter taper wouldn’t do the job. All you need is enough time to fully recover from your training. Just as important, I think, is diet, sleep and hydration in the time leading up to the race.

27 10 2007

BTW – love the new blog!

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