Races done, races to come

25 10 2007

Belated shout out to Lisa for tearing it up in the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in San Fran last weekend. Maybe if we’re really nice to her, she’ll give us some insights about her Tiffany necklace and such.

And best o’ luck to Kenny, who tackles the Marine Corps this weekend. Dare ya to talk back to one of those U.S. Marines handing out the cups at the water stands. Having them bark “push it!” instills a Pavlovian reaction to just … do … it.

And to Marc, who’s thinking about a marathon next October, I say go for it, man! You’ll never look back. Trust me.




4 responses

26 10 2007

Hey thanks Lee! Yeah, met the Marines and they were super nice. maybe not on Sunday morning 🙂

28 10 2007

Thanks for the shout out Lee. The Tiffany’s necklace is great. While lots of people joke about the best part of a marathon/half being the end, it’s really not a joke with this one. Guys in tuxes holding silver platters with little blue boxes, not having to wait in line for your snacks (they come to you), better snacks than any other running event I’ve been in, oh and a pedicure station!!


Remember when we thought Hawaii was hilly? Well, it’s got nothin’ on San Fran. At least with Hawaii you kind of get used to the uphill climb. But four giant hills kind of take their toll on the body – especially a poorly trained body. (I laughed when I read your last blog entry. I “tapered” for about six weeks, running about 5km in that time, and then crammed a couple medium length runs and a couple short ones in the last eight days.)

30 10 2007

A pedicure station? Man, those are heroes, going through all those sweaty runners’ feet!

Congrats again on conquering the hills. Very inspiring. Hope you wear the necklace with pride.

30 10 2007
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