I can feel it, coming back again

30 10 2007

Maybe it’s the crisp fall weather — just cool enough to get focused, but still warm enough for shorts. Maybe it’s the inspiring stories from Lisa and Kenny. Maybe it’s looking at the calendar and getting under the six-month countdown to Boston.

Or maybe it’s just time.

At any rate, the itch to start training has crept back into my bloodstream for the first time since Mississauga in May. I’m ready to go.

I’m all ears to any advice anyone has. The draft plan is:

* Jingle Bell 5k Burlington (it’s tradition)
* Boxing Day race in Hamilton (don’t even know the distance, but my uncle is super-keen)
* Chilly, Burlington, early March (see above re: tradition)
* Around The Bay, late March
* Boston, April 21

Anybody interested in any of those races?

On a completely unrelated note, I think Halloween is a bit overrated, but any excuse to pound back serious candy is all right by this camper. But if you’re into it … here are some neat pics of “Halloween chic” in years gone by. (And no, I didn’t build this gallery – just thought it was kinda cool.)




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31 10 2007

I’m going to be mapping out my 2008 race calendar in the next month but I’m also thinking of Around the Bay in March and some of the usual spring races in Toronto (Mississauga half, the Run-off and Sporting Life).

31 10 2007

I’m also itching to get something going. I’m trying to decide between four marathons this spring.

After the hills in San Fran, I was thinking I’d take it easy with Big Sur. The other options are Oklahoma City (great crowd support and could involve a road trip to Chicago and Memphis), St. Louis (really flat and could involve roadtrip to Chicago) and of course Mississauga (also really flat and close to home).

I’m willing to take input if anyone feels like deciding for me!

15 11 2007

Around the Bay is on for sure – then the Ottawa marathon, fingers crossed. Santa Shuffle too maybe.

16 04 2008

Have fun in Boston!

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