Lance Armstrong to run Boston ’08

21 01 2008

OK, this is pretty damn cool.

Think I can take him?

> Lance Armstrong to run 2008 Boston Marathon 


Riding out the slump

21 01 2008

In the past few days, I’ve been mulling over some words of wisdom I heard during the ONA conference in Toronto.

“No one reads a bored blogger,” one of the panelists told a coffee-sipping gaggle of web journalists. And it’s good advice: a blog without passion usually isn’t worth the pixels it’s written on.

For the last few months, I’ve been running a deficit side on enthusiasm. Sure, I’ve been lacing them up, but it’s often felt a bit like a chore.  Same with writing about it.

So I’ve been more quiet than usual. I know you should write more during the low points, but I every time I’ve tried, I couldn’t do it with gusto. It just came out as … blah.

Sure, there have been some outside factors for the “slump”. Settling into a new job as the dark blanket of winter settled in. Not easy. But it’s more than that. In the months since my last running goal, I’ve felt rudderless. Not quite sure why I was heading out. Yak yak yak.

That’s been changing in recent days. I’m starting to get pumped about running again.  Here’s a few reasons why it’s been better.
1. Switching up the routine – Long runs on Saturdays now, instead of Sundays. Nights instead of mornings.

2. Getting back to basics. It’s supposed to be fun isn’t it?

3.  A new goal. Still seems like a long way off.

I’m still not totally gung-ho, but I starting to find my spark with this again, slowly but surely. I hope you’ll come along for the journey.

Cool – no, cold – runnings

4 01 2008

The next time you need inspiration to stare down the elements, check this story from today’s Globe.

Yellowknife’s average January temperature hovers between lows around -30 C and highs around -20. Hypothermia can set in instantly. Exposed skin can freeze in a matter of minutes. And yet Yellowknife has become a city of runners

Through a combination of sheer resolve and specialized attire such as wind briefs and shoes studded like snow tires, joggers in the capital city have formed what must be one of the world’s hardiest running communities.


Wind briefs are a topic for discussion another day.