Who’s This Dude?

A lifelong non-athlete, Lee’s not a specialist, or an expert, or any sort of medical authority whatever. He just really, really, really likes to run.


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21 12 2007
Dave Tricker

Lee, is this Lee Hewitt of WLU fame? Lee if this is you, let me know when you’ll make it down to Atlanta to run the peachtree 10K? I should get into shape and join you for one of those.

I’ve been running sporadically for the last 12 months, mostly on treadmill, and find your blog quite interesting. I’ve been mixing brisk walking and jogging for 30-40 minute sessions,,, I try to get between 3 and 5 miles, but the distance is not the goal, its the journey itself.


Dave Tricker

18 12 2014

Hey !

Marina here, from Airia Running (www.airiarunning.com), the Swedish company behind the fastest running shoe – Airia One. It’s not just a marketing claim – rigorous testing shows that 8 out of 10 runners run faster in Airia One running shoes (shaving anywhere from 1% to 7% off their run time).

But this email is not about that.

I want to recruit you personally to run an independent test of Airia One. I’ll bribe you with a free pair. I also respectfully request that you do a write up about your run for your readers.

Please try a long distance race to really feel the difference of running in Airia One. I’m emphasizing the racing part because it’s really important that you actually race in them. We spent decades engineering and designing Airia One to specifically be the best running shoe – and you are a runner and an early adopter. You are the real life chance to test our years of work. I am counting on you to push both yourself and Airia One to the limit.

Please send your address and shoe size to get your free pair of Airia One.

I really hope you take me up on this offer/challenge and have your best run ever.

Kind regards,


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